Top Online Slots That Pay Big Money

You love playing slots online, but you hate the fact that slot games typically don't pay out a lot of money. Well, there is a reason they don't pay out a lot of money compared to other casino games that are online and that's because the casinos themselves want to make as much money as they possible can on them.

However, there is a way to earn some big time cash by playing slot machines online. How is this possible you ask? Well, it's by being smart about what you're doing and playing slots that have a high pay out percentage. Yes, this is how it's done and to help you find some ones to play, here is a list of some of the higher payout options that are available online. They're listed here in no particular order:


This is a slot game developed by Microgmaing and it's considered to be one of the better paying ones that are available. This is a game that features five spinning reels, 9 play lines, free spins, and graphics that are decent looking, but not the best on the market.

Captain's Treasure

Just like Thunderstruck, Captain's treasure is a 9 play line slot game with five spinning reels. Developed by Playtech, it has a wild and scatter symbols, a jackpot that's progressive, and cartoon like graphics.

Mid-Life Crisis

This slot machine title was developed by Realtime Gaming and has 5 reels that spin and 9 playable lines. The graphics on this one aren't the best, yet when you want to win what the game looks like really shouldn't matter. Other features of the game include bonus rounds and super fast moving game play.

Diamond Valley

Another game by Playtech, it's a 5 liner that has 5 play lines. It's a very basic game that has a bonus game, a progressive jackpot, and wild and scatter symbols. With this one, there really are no bells and whistles, just straightforward slot machine game play.

Cash Splash

Unlike the other slot games already mentioned, Cash Splash, developed by Microgaming, only has 3 spinning reels and one play line. It has traditional slot graphics with the bars and the cherries along with a progressive jackpot that pays pretty well when you hit it.

Double Magic

This is another 3 spinning reel slot game courtesy of Microgaming that only has one line that you can bet on. Similar to Cash Splash, it too has traditional slot graphics with cherries and bars. What makes this different from Cash Splash is that it has a double up feature along with a blue star that acts as a wild symbol.

The online slots pointed out here are actually just a few of the many top online slots that dish out big time money on the Internet. Basically, they're a good place to start when playing slots online and to easily find more, simply do a search through your Internet browser's search engine. Happy playing!

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